Learn The Never-Before-Revealed Secrets To Stopping Your
Breakup In Its Tracks And Getting Your Girl Back
Where She Belongs… With You!

"This could be YOUR girlfriend."
Due to the controversial nature of this recording, we were forced to remove it.

“As the host of “The Covino and Rich Show” on Maxim Radio, I’ve interviewed many relationship experts. But Jay is the only person I turn to when I need advice about my own relationships. This guy is the real deal and his book will change your life.”

Steve Covino
(host of “The Covino and Rich Show” on Sirius Satellite Radio Channel 108)

"What's truly unique about "Get Your Girl Back" is that Jay has taken the most cutting edge ideas from psychology, persuasion and cognitive behaviorism and has effectively adapted them all with one goal in mind -- to re-spark, re-attract and LOCK DOWN the girl that you have recently lost... this time for GOOD.

I've actually started using a few of his techniques to meet new women, and the results have been nothing short of amazing. Be careful using this stuff though - although Jay is a warm, kindhearted and well-meaning guy who I would trust with my life, his material borders the classification of psychological weaponry. In other words, check yourself and use it at your own risk... you just may end up with a stalker for the rest of your life."

Vin DiCarlo
Dating Coach

  • “A full fledged plan for overturning any breakup laid out from A-Z with no guesswork and no fumbling.” If you stick to the blueprint, getting your girl back is as simple as snapping your fingers.
  • Does she refuse to pick up the phone when you call? Throw her in the “pressure cooker” and she'll have no choice but to break down and call you, even if she has been ignoring you for weeks! (pg. 105)
  • “The Twelve Breakup Mistakes That Must Be Avoided at All Costs.” Beware! A single mistake from this list can destroy your chances of a happy reunion in a heartbeat. (pg. 59)
  • The one major SEXUAL mistake you must NOT make after getting her back unless you want to send her packing all over again. (pg. 73)
  • The absolute BEST way to prevent your girl from having sex (or starting a relationship) with your competition. (pg. 25)
  • The awesome power of the HVA technique for restoring her attraction. (pg. 132)
  • “Monk-Level Mind Control Techniques.” Two little known techniques that require almost no effort and can instantly put an end to your mental pain and panic. (pg. 156)
  • “The Most Powerful Apology Ever Invented.” Developed by a team of cunning psychologists, it packs the lethal apologetic punch you'll need to be forgiven of ANY wrongdoing. (pg. 141)
  • “The Nine Hidden Breakup Warning Signs.” After learning these, you'll be completely “un-dumpable.” (pg. 35)
  • Why “closure” can be your biggest enemy when it comes to getting your girl back. (pg. 26)
  • Why a woman needs YOUR help to stay broken up with you. (pg. 87)
  • The dangers of using “Pet Cemetery Persuasion” and how it can bury your chances of a happy reunion six feet under. (pg. 52)

…and much, much more.


"Damn Jay! I still can't believe how devastating your techniques are. I used the most powerful one, and now the girl who just dumped me is leaving take-out for me with my doorman. Unbelievable! I thought maybe she just went a little psycho, but then this female friend of mine got the same thing done to her by this guy (he did the technique by accident) and she's like hopping on planes chasing this guy around the world--and she's the most level-headed businesswoman I know! Who else has figured out this secret weakness all women share? I'm so glad I got my hands on your book. Every man should be prepared before a relationship goes downhill and now I'll never have to lose another girl again."

Plato Rosinke
Author and Adult entertainment entrepreneur
New York City

Hey Jay,

I have to say, you were right on the money. To refresh your memory, I'm the guy from New Jersey with the girlfriend who lives in Greece . When she broke up with me, I was about to hop on the first plane out there and ask for a second chance. But instead, I took your advice and before the week was over, my phone was ringing off the hook because she was desperate to “talk.” I couldn't believe it, but it all happened exactly the way you said it would. And not only that, but after we got back together, she started treating me much better than before. Long distance relationships are tough and we used to fight all the time, but those days are over. Now she flies halfway around the world to see me three times a year and pays for everything herself. I wish you would have written this book years ago. Thanks again. -Jay's Note: It typically takes about 3-12 weeks to see results with my breakup method. While results may occur sooner, only 25% of my clients win their lovers back in less than a week's time.

Jake S.